Heinz Duthel’s Handbuch des SGB II

Heinz Duthel's Handbuch des SGB II

Heinz Duthel's Handbuch des SGB II

Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Biographie

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Biographie (eBook, ePUB)

Jean-Jacques Rousseau - Biographie

Das Tagebuch des Jobcenters

Das Tagebuch des Jobcenters Das ist schon ein starkes Stück Deutschland.

Das Tagebuch des Jobcenters

Gequält, Missbraucht und Zerstört!

Gequält, Missbraucht und Zerstört!

Gequält, Missbraucht und Zerstört!

Korruption und Kapitalismus (eBook, ePUB)

Korruption und Kapitalismus (eBook, ePUB)

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Ex-TSA screener sentenced for LAX drug smuggling

Travel deals LOS ANGELES – (AP) — A former security screener who helped smuggle drugs through Los Angeles International Airport has been sentenced to more than 6 ½ years in federal prison. Prosecutors say Naral Richardson was sentenced Monday for conspiracy. In his March guilty plea, Richardson acknowledged that he arranged for couriers to carry…

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Nano SIM zuschneiden: So bekommt man die iPhone 6 SIM Karte

NanoSIM für’s iPhone 6 zuschneiden? Hier haben’s getestet! Schablone zum Ausdrucken und Anleitung auf der Seite!

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More Than 100 Climate Protesters Arrested in New York: Reports

New York Police has arrested 102 climate protesters at the Flood Wall Street demonstration in New York, PZFeed news portal reported on Tuesday.

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Wohnwagen Fenster

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Kurbanlık dana trafiği birbirine kattı

Beyoğlu, Piyalepaşa Bulvarı üzerinde gece saat 00.30 sıralarında sahibinin elinden kaçan kurbanlık, Bomonti istikametinde yol boyunca ilerlemeye başladı. Sahibini arkasından koşturan dana bu sırada yol üzerinde bir akaryakıt istasyonuna daldı. Dananın kaçtığını gören motosikletli gençler de hayvanın yakalanması için seferber oldu. Uzay KESMEN/Ozan URAL/İstanbul/DHA

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Schools quality does not affect gaps in attainment, research shows

Academics findings suggest disadvantaged pupils underachieve regardless of whether school is rated highly by OfstedChildren on free school meals continue to underachieve in the classroom, regardless of whether the school they attend is rated highly by Ofsted or not, according to a paper by a leading education academic. Professor Steve Strand, of Oxford University, says the stubbornness of the attainment gap across all types of schools suggests that the quality of a school is not enough to overcome a disadvantaged background.

His paper, which is being presented to the British Educational Research Associations annual conference this week, challenges the current narrative favoured by politicians of all parties, that schools are failing where they do not close the gap between disadvantaged pupils and their wealthier peers. Instead, he suggests, factors outside school, rather than anything happening in the classroom, may be the root cause of attainment gaps.

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VIDEO: US launches air strikes on Syria

The US and allied nations have launched a campaign of air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria, the Pentagon says.

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US strikes Islamic State in Syria

US and other nations begin air strikes against Islamic State in Syria, the Pentagon says.

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Highlights of Asian Games on Sept 22

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Asyl: 400 wütende Bürger bei Versammlung am Semmering

Bürgerversammlung. Das vom Innenministerium im “Hotel Haus Semmering” eingerichtete Asyl-Großquartier verärgert die Anrainer.

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Governor recommends creation of interlocutors within population

Luanda – The governor of Luanda province, Graciano Domingos, Monday asked the administrators to create interlocutors in the communities to ensure communication between administrations and residents.


The governor was speaking at swearing in ceremony of the new administrators.


Graciano Domingos also requested great strengthening in organisation of administration services so that they can more easily meet the concerns of citizens.


The governor spoke of the need to pledge commitment to invest in public order.


According to him, Luanda has to be an orderly city. All must respect the law,  administration and citizens, discipline either at work place or in society.


The governor also believes that the economic space of Luanda is the driving force for  development of the capital city.


To this purpose, the governor said that the citizens should contribute with their fees and taxes in order to address the pressing issues of the population.


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Владимир Путин и Пан Ги Мун обсудили ситуацию на Украине

Президент России и Генеральный секретарь ООН дали положительную оценку достигнутым на заседании контактной группы в Минске договоренностям о всеобщем прекращении огня на юго-востоке Украины.

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Masters of Dirt Berlin 2014 – das Special: Tricks, Flips & Sex – Pushin

Masters of Dirt Berlin 2014 – das Special: Tricks, Flips & Sex – Pushing the Limits!So hat Deutschland noch nie Actionsports gesehen: Getreu nach…

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Neuer Sponsor kommt aus Rosenheim

Miesbach – Der TEV Miesbach ist nicht mehr blank auf der Brust: Im Rahmen einer Gala im Bayerischen Hof wurde die Werbefläche auf dem Trikot verlost.

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Yves Morvan, un entrepreneur du bien public

Ancien chef d’entreprise, fort en gueule et en projets, il est l’artisan du garage solidaire de Carhaix, dans une région, la Bretagne, sinistrée 
par les plans sociaux. Aujourd’hui malade mais toujours vaillant, Yves Morvan défend son action sociale pour la réinsertion.

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Galatasaray’da Alp Yalman’a ‘aday ol’ baskısı

Galatasaray'da Alp Yalman'a 'aday ol' baskısı Sarı kırmızılı camianın önemli isimleri 1990-96 yılları arasında da başkanlık yapan Alp Yalman’a, “Yeniden aday olur musun?” teklifinde bulundu.

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US Exxon Mobile Continues to Participate in Far-Eastern LNG Project: Rosneft

US Exxon Mobile energy company is participating in the Far-Eastern Liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant construction project, there is no information on company’s withdrawal from this project, the vice president of Russia’s Rosneft , Vlada Rusakova told journalists on Tuesday.

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علمای دین با ویروس تکفیردر جهان اسلام مقابله کنند

قم – ایرنا- رییس مجلس علمای شهر ماکاسار و رییس طریقت شاذلیه اندونزی گفت: علمای اسلام باید با آگاهی و بیداری مردم، به صورت جدی با ویروس تکفیر در جهان اسلام مقابله کنند.

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ایران حامی صادق عراق در برابر تهدید ها و توطئه های دشمنان است

قم- ایرنا – مدیر حوزه های علمیه کشور گفت: ایران حامی صادق عراق در برابر تهدید ها و توطئه های دشمنان است.

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Partnerschaft besiegelt: Südafrika entscheidet sich für russische Atomreaktoren

Russland und Südafrika haben am Montag ein Regierungsabkommen über strategische Partnerschaft in der Atomindustrie geschossen, das den Weg für den Bau russischer Atommeiler in dem afrikanischen Land freimacht.

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SET up 5.01 points at opening

Thai stocks opened up 0.32% at the start of trade this morning.

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7 Months Later: Meet the Puppies Gus Kenworthy Rescued in Sochi

“They’re total cuddle bugs,” the Olympian tells PEOPLE of his furry brood

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Jessica Capshaw: Why My Third Child Is the ‘Squeaky Wheel’

“When she wants to scream in my face, the way she did a couple times today, it’s all fine,” she jokes to PEOPLE

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DWTS: See Which Stars ‘Killed It’ on Monday’s Show

The celebrities had their choice of music in the second competition episode of the 19th season

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Western Sanctions Will Not Cause Changes in Russia’s Energy Strategy to 2035

Russian Ministry of Energy does not plan introducing any changes to Russia’s energy strategy for the period of up to 2035 because of the western economic sanctions, Deputy Minister of Energy Kirill Molodtsov said on Tuesday.

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俄總統俄羅斯與獨聯體國家邊界劃定特別代表布拉奇科夫表示,莫斯科反對將里海劃分為沿岸國家的國有區域 >>

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Spiked batons, neck-chains and shock shields: Report slams China’s ‘tools of torture’ trade

Amnesty has criticised China in a new report for failing to regulate the production and trade of excessively violent law enforcement equipment such as spiked batons or thumb cuffs.

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USA beginnen mit Luftangriffen auf IS-Miliz in Syrien

Barack Obama redet vor Soldaten in Tampa/Florida | Bildquelle: AP

Die USA haben damit begonnen, Stellungen der IS-Terrormiliz in Syrien zu bombardieren. Das teilte das Pentagon mit. Das US-Militär und Streitkräfte von Verbündeten hätten die Extremisten mit Kampfjets, Bombern und Tomahawk-Raketen angegriffen. Laut US-Medien sind arabische Staaten an dem Einsatz beteiligt. [mehr]

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Care home ‘serious concerns’ raised

Inspectors raise “serious concerns” after a Dumfries care home is found to be providing a service which is “not meeting basic standards”.

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Cash for Castle Toward estate buyout

Plans to take the historic Castle Toward estate in Argyll into community ownership are awarded a £750,000 grant from the Scottish Land Fund.

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